Denise Rocha Photography


Hello Gorgeous! My name is Denise Rocha and I’m the photographer you never knew you needed in your life!  First, a little about me- in 2005 I went from a women’s size 32 to a size 6.  I deeply understand about being a large woman, a small woman, and everything in between.  I can also tell you what it is like to feel beautiful and confident at any size and I want every woman to be able to know that feeling.  It is a feeling that can light a fire within you that makes you shine for the rest of your life. Some call it the “it” factor, others simply say “self-confidence”.  You can call it whatever you want!

Boudoir Photography is a style of portraiture that blends beauty and sophistication with elegance and intimacy, always in a tasteful way. Working with women and sharing the opportunity, joy, excitement, and sense of self that you deserve just for being who you are is an amazing calling!  I am a nurse by background, an artist by passion, and a self-empowered woman by choice. I would love to have the opportunity to chat with you and learn how we can make you feel powerful amazing, and maybe even a little bit daring!


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