Abbott Falls Weddings

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Abbott Falls, named after the family of 19th Century farmers who settled
this land, results from the melodious and picturesque flow of water as it
descends from a stone dam constructed earlier in that century. The dam and
spillway have been reconstructed to the original dimensions and proportions
in the traditional fashion. Each stone is carefully fitted in place and
held there by only friction and gravity.The site offers spectacular views
from any of the three areas suitable for reception tents up to 120’ long.
The entire site is surrounded by a hardwood forest, and it is located about
a mile from the nearest residence.  Privacy, intimacy, and tranquility
prevail amidst the ponds and the gentle sights and sounds of Abbott
Falls.Now a family compound, Abbott Falls is the product of the Chivers
family’s efforts over a 30-year period. It is available for your exclusive
use for weddings and private events for a limited number of weekends each

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