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WedBrilliant makes planning your wedding easier! Create your free account and start by posting your wedding needs and exactly what you’re looking for and vendors around the country will submit customized bids. You review the bids, check out their profiles and reach out to them to chat more, if you’re interested! By connecting directly with vendors on WedBrilliant, you can immediately start checking things off your to-do list, and start enjoying the cake tasting!

 Memory Preservation & Digital Stationary is an online wedding planning tool that guides couples through the wedding planning process.  With customizable tools and professional tips and guidance, Guided Bride sets you up for success so you never wonder what you’re supposed to do next and how you’re supposed to do it.  Let’s get planning!

 Memory Preservation & Digital Stationary

*E-Bration is a memory preservation platform for weddings and events that digitally preserves every card, message, photo and memory in one place. There are also optional services for digital invitations and thank you cards.* *Customers set up an event page that gets linked on their wedding website under their Registry section. This is where guests can send in their card and message (option for cash gifts). This is also where guests can RSVP.* *After the event, we also offer a card scanning service where paper cards can be sent to us and be professionally scanned into the account.* *The platform also can be used to celebrate the event even further with a “Memor-E-Book” that matches up each card with a photo of that guest. *

 Memory Preservation & Digital Stationary